I thought I'd Tri
I thought I'd Tri
Middle aged woman remembers she used to be fit, but 22 years on, 2 kids and a career it may be a vivid memory in the mind but a distant one in the body!

Two weeks in

treemadby treemadJun 25th 2014
There is no point posting Daily, not many will read this anyway, but every couple of weeks would seem sufficient enough.

Boredom - it is when you have a plan that requires your concentration for 5 mins at this speed, 2 mins at that speed, 5 mins at that HR zone, Sprint, brisk walk, race speed cool down, well you don't have time to get bored.

I have 4 days very off colour, possibly ate something not great, and that meant three of my first weeks sessions had to be moved. a bigger man would have fought through it I am sure but I am but a novice and the pressure to do each session is weighted by the fact its costs money, the fact someone will be checking up on me a few hours later (Canada vs UK) and the numbers game and the social involvement with friends. Well it was their fault I am doing this anyway!

So reflecting on y races so far.
Sept 2013 - first ever Dorney Lakes Triathlon. 1:58:59 for a Sprint distance - flat.
May 2014 - Hyde Park, 1:16:48 for a Super Sprint - flat
June 2014 - Blenheim, 2:16:49 for a Sprint - hilly

So with 12 months under my belt I am aiming to be faster and fitter for Sept 28th at Dorney Lakes to do y first comparison. Before that I have a Super Sprint flat on the 13th July, and a Sprint flat-ish but bad roads (London) in August.

I also would like to loose a little weight, not lose my curves- I don't want to be as stick but it would help with the run if I carried less weight so I set myself a realistic goal of 5 Kg to lose. not fussed if it takes a while, I can understand the body needs to catch up with the new regime, but I had seen no change from my 81Kg for 5 months which was a little disheartening. However fingers crossed it moved a bit a few weeks ago to 80 Kg and then this week I got up and clocked in at 78.8 so maybe we are seeing a change.

I will check back in a couple of weeks and see how this is taking shape.
Two weeks in
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