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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

Hever Midweek Sprint

trilifedbby trilifedbMay 12th 2011
haven't felt right since London Mara, been eating too many cakes and drinking too much beer.
Me and Steve booked this in as a warm up for Swashbuckler and it did the trick.
Lovely location, I took swim easy as didn't want the panics but was slow... Steve was leaving T1 before I even got into T1 !
Got on the Tri bike (only 2nd time this year) and felt like I had no oomph so just ground it out,
T2 was ok,
The run is all off road which was a bit of a shock to the system about halfway round I realised this was my 1st brick of the year - hmm schoolboy error, but somehow felt ok.

Finished 23 out of 91 and 4th out of 27 in age group

Nice touch being able to print your results but for £50 wed training race it's a bit dear.

Sunday 15th got the 100 mile castle bike ride - prob on Tri bike as need to use it before swashbuckler on 22nd after that t's sprints/olys only so no more long stuff, just shorter/faster well hopefully faster if I can stay off the cakes/beers
Hever Midweek Sprint
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