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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

London Marathon 2011

trilifedbby trilifedbApr 18th 2011
Been a mad 2 weeks, Eased right off the training and got a chest infection. Left it a while but ened up going to doctors on tuesday was put on anti-biotics given ventelin and sent for an chest X- Ray ASAP, not your ideal last few days, but the Xray showed up nowt to worry about and the antibiotics seems to have shifted most of the chest infection. Phew!!

It was cloudy to start with, which was great as not run in the sun since about september.
Me and a mate Chris were in Blue pen 3. We were optimistically aiming for 8 minute miles and under 3:30. It's the first marathon I've done and was overwhelmed by the crowds and the first few miles just floated by. When the Red start merged with the blue start we bumped into our training partner Steve who had started from red pen 3. At about mile 5 overtook Ewan Thomas. All was looking good at halfway (1:44) so just ahead of our pace. I missed my Family who where around that mark somewhere but I know the kids had a ball. The sun was shining through now and it felt hot. I got to 16 still feeling good and had dropped chris and steve, I stopped for a quick pee at 18 and could tell I'd overcooked it. I went through 20 at 2:42 and still thought a sub 3:30 was on the cards, but the wheels well and truelly fell off. By 21 Chris came past me, I tried to stay with him but had adopted the get me home shuffle which is slow. I saw my brother at 23 miles which gave me a massive boost for about 40 yards ! Going though the the muscular dystropy part at mile 25 was great and I looked in vain for family agan, but still didn't see them. The last 800 metres was hell, it felt like an age til the 600 metres sign and then 400 then 385 yards, all it could think of was Get me out of here !!

I went over the finish line in 3:48:14 and was 6707 out of nearly 35000 and well chuffed.
Chris did 3:40:55 and steve did 3:49:38

Would I do it again, yes !!


Split time diff min/km km/h
5K 00:25:51 25:51 05:11 11.61
10K 00:49:56 24:05 04:50 12.45
15K 01:14:27 24:31 04:55 12.24
20K 01:39:17 24:50 04:59 12.08
HALF 01:44:53 05:36 05:07 11.76
25K 02:04:36 19:43 05:04 11.88
30K 02:30:04 25:28 05:06 11.78
35K 03:01:02 30:58 06:12 9.69
40K 03:34:10 33:08 06:38 9.05
finish time 03:48:14 14:04 06:25 9.37
London Marathon 2011
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