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Ian's Training Log

1st outdoor ride of the year !!!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesJan 29th 2010
Sounds terrible seeing as it is the 29th but I just have not had the inclination to get out in the cold and when it has been nice I am doing work around the house to get everything ready for the upcoming season.
But, I told myself to go out this morning, regardless of weather. If felt great. Not too fast but steady and I included a couple of little cols just to get my climbing in.
This was also the first ride since I have lost around 5 kg of weight. I am still on the downward path but it has steadied off now, losing about 200 to 300g a day. I feeling allot better and not feeling too hungry at all.

I am still having a few twinges in my calf and Achilles are on my left leg which is starting to annoy me now. I have run on the treadmill this week, but plan to go outside tomorrow - just hope it settles down as it is 12 weeks to go on Monday to Marseilles.
BikeBike2h (80%) 50.8km
RunRun30min (20%) 4.4km
Stats for: Jan 29th 2010 (1 days)
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