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Ian's Training Log

I got Chicked......

tripyreneesby tripyreneesSep 2nd 2009
So I thought I would go for a training ride as I have not been on the bike for 8 days due to driving the damn minibus across the Pyrenees watching others ride - so frustrating.

I was heading up the valley messing with the Garmin which seems to be packing in and I glanced behind to see someone on my wheel. Oh well, so much for a slow role out to the climb - I upped the pace and all I could read on the Garmin was my HR which was now 172 (my max is 186). I kept it going for a further 10 km and the rider then came up next to me to chat. I thought it was a young guy but then realised it was a chick. Oh my, she pulled in front and took the wind. I gave her 1 km on the front (she is only a chick ....right!!) and pulled in front just as the road starts to tilt upwards. She must have weighed upwards of 45 kg so half of me. The HR was teetering and I thought, crap, I still have the Port de Balés to get over yet. I slowed it up and she took the front. She crept away from me and I pulled back at the top. Same again on the next rise - and to make me feel even worse, she slowed up and waited for no no, please just let me die alone and in shame. She took a short cut right following the bike route - I shifted down and took on the small climb ahead of me, HR up to my max - we met again as she rejoined the main road, me scraping the sweat from my face to make it look as if I was just tootling along. We then road side by side chatting a little until I spun off right to the start of the Balés.

Technically, I didn't get chicked but realistically she could have pulled away from on the incline - now that is pretty rare on that stretch of road......she MUST have been Pro ;o)

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