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It had to happend - Injured!!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesJan 17th 2010
It had to happend - Injured!!
I have had two great weeks of consistent running with no problems at all. Then the snow arrived and I went out a couple of times for some great running. Again no problems although my Achilles were stretching a bit due to the high leg action used in the snow.
I then had a couple of days rest while the snow melted and went out on my dead flat course. My inside calf on the left leg started to get sore. I shortened my run and then ran on the treadmill later that day - the soreness increased. I rested a couple of days and ran on the treadmill and it was fine - I have been icing it and also using lots of compex treatment. I then went out this afternoon for a very steady run. I reached the 5 km markers and I was in agony. It is really sore, limping when I walk now.
I am really annoyed at myself and not sure why it has happened. It is my left leg where I had my knee Op so not sure this has anything to do with it as the Gastrocnemius does go up by the knee.

Anyway, lots of ice, compression and compex. I have decided to lay off running for the entire week and just concentrate on the rollers (cycling). I am hoping this activity will not effect this muscle - LET ME KNOW IF YOU THINK DIFFERENT.

So a steady week with 4 run and very little distance.

I have also started a calorie monitoring diet - I am on day 2 trying to keep to less than 1900 calories per day. So far it seems to be pretty easy averaging around 1650. I am hoping to lose around 10 Kg in the next 3 months.
BikeBike30min (16%) 0km
RunRun2h:41m (84%) 26.2km
Stats for: Jan 11th 2010 to Jan 17th 2010 (7 days)
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