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Ian's Training Log

Thin = Faster ....... FACT !!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesMar 7th 2010
So, my training has been going well over the past few weeks and my injury sees to have passed, thankfully. But the time I had off I put to good use and managed to lose 11 Kg which was over 11% of my total body weight. I noticed the impact straight away when I went running outdoors for the first time a few weeks back. Since then every run has felt fantastic.
The tester before the Marseilles Marathon was the Blagnac (toulouse) 1/2 Marathon. I have not run a 1/2 since 2002 and I think my time then for an all out effort was 1:44. I can remember being well pleased, although my PB for the distance from 1990 still stands at 1:17 but I know I will never better that again.
So today I set realistic goals of sub 2 hours in the first instance. I just didn't want to be lapped by the leaders on this 2 lap course. My real goal was 1:50 as I have been training well at 5:10 per km pace over the same distance and have felt good. When you start fantasizing about a race you always have a goal that is beyond anything you can dream of. I was thinking 1:38 would be a great time to boast about but that it just such a way from where I was training.
So we start at 10:30 and I run off slowly in the crowd getting a little frustrated. I spring around the side and get some clear road (over 1000 runners). I went through 1 km in 4:20 and thought, no way, must be short. The 2nd km was 4:24. Wow, where is this coming from. And instead of thinking, slow down and pace it, I thought, sod it - I can pace it anytime in training, lets see how far I get before I blow to pieces. Well, I went though 5 km in 22 mins (a PB) then 10 km in 40 something. I could not believe it. I took a gel and powered on. I was pacing off a fastish looking girl and then after a few km decided to pass her. She passed me about 5 km later and finished 100m ahead of me. I blew over the line in 1:37 and change. WHAT!!! I just cannot believe it and has given me so much confidence for my running which I thought had died over the past decade. Being a only a few kilos heavier than when I did the 1:17, it has got me thinking.

A great day all round (Julie PB'ed her 1/2 M time too)
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