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Ian's Training Log

Week 3 over and out !!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesOct 18th 2009
This is the most consistent I have run, ever, I think. I am on week 3 of our training plan and feeling really good, although the legs feel quite tired, not surprising.
Today's run was the longest since 2005. It was 9 x 10 mins with 1 min walk break. This turned out to be 19.6 Km taking me 1hr54mins which I feel is perfect for this time into the long training ramp up. I felt I could have run longer but as soon as I stopped I could feel the tiredness hit me.
After my previous question about Kona, I got allot of replies and advice. The biggest change to my historical thinking is that to run a fast marathon, you need to train fast. All the previous talk that has been drilled into me over the past 8 years of Long Slow Distance may be out of the window now, replaced with quality speed sessions to get to my goal pace of 5 min per K for 42 km. I will however keep to the plan in the McGee book and adapt each session a little.
Here goes for week 4........
RunRun5h:57m (100%) 61.6km
Stats for: Oct 12th 2009 to Oct 18th 2009 (7 days)
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