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What does it take to get to KONA !!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesOct 16th 2009
I would love to get to Kona as would any triathlete. I have been there to watch Julie race in 2003 and I have watched every edition of it on the internet from 2002 and reading about it since my first Tri in 1987. But what does it take to get a qualifying spot.

If my plan was to qualify in the 40 - 44 age group in November 2010 how would I go about training for a 9:50 to 10:05 time.

I have done 3 Ironman distance races in the past, my best was 12:59 but nothing since 2003. My best bike was at IM Germany 5:45 and my best swim at Lake Placid 1:05. My runs just sucked big time on all of them. I was very much heavier then and I did not have much of a base. I also think I am more mentally tough now after doing what I do for the past 5 years, I definitely have base, that's for sure.

So how do I knock off 3 hours from 12:59?

Now I think I can get a decent 1:05 to 1:10 on the swim including the T1 split, but how many swim sessions a week should this be to achieve this. I have been told by many decent athletes that have been to our place that I should be able to knock out a 5:15 on the bike (flat course) - I have the power and the stamina to do that and have had plenty of consecutive 10 hour days on the bike. I am pretty confident about the bike but I do not want to totally kill myself for the run (always a problem for me in the past)

What I don't have is a good running history. I have run a 3:17 marathon in 1992 and several 1:17 1/2 marathons but not for a few years, my last PB was 1:44 a few years back. So I know I have run at that speed before but how do I go about getting a 3:30 marathon split at the end of the Ironman. Can it be done? How many sessions, how much mileage? - can run technique be improved? (specially after my knee operation)

How much training is necessary to get to these kind of paces. I have all the time in the world to train. In the off season up to April I can train any time and from April to October I can fit in individual sessions around the camps and tours I put on. So what kind of training do I need to achieve this "impossible" goal.

I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has specifically trained to achieve a certain goal and how they met it. What got me thinking was a news article last night on UK TV. A maths teacher who had an OK level of fitness is being trained for the modern pentathlon to see if she can make the 2012 Olympics - i.e. a standard person becoming an Olympian from scratch.

So can I become a Hawaii Qualifier from scratch??
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