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I'm a previously unsporty 20 something that has been trying very hard at tri for the last 6 years with minimal success! I love the sport to the extent that I helped my husband set up 'The Triathlon Shop' three years ago and have recently started working there full-time having given up a career in accountancy.

I'm lucky to be in the industry I love and often get to try out kit before it is released. When I do get to play with fun triathlon toys I tend to write a little review about my experiences. I also like to blog about my pathetic attempts to train and the fun I have in the summer racing and supporting all my friends at races.

Wonky knee woes

twiggyby twiggyJul 28th 2013
I havent been around Triblogs for quite a while now. Sadly after a positive start to the year with lots of hope in fixing my knee and being able to compete, it has now got to a point where I am having to go through some pretty major surgery in the next few weeks in order to fix the problem.

My patella is simply too high, on a tilt and too close to the outside of my knee. I have tried to pull it back into place through releasing my ITB and strengthen muscles that will pull it back over, while keeping my quads nice and relaxed but this has been to no avail. I have had shockwave therapy, acupuncture, massage and steroids injected into my knee with no positive result. Time to admit defeat!

Heres a pic of the offending bones. You can see that the patella is simply not sat where it should be. Naughty thing!
Wonky knee woes
So for me its going to be an operation to drill off the knobbly bit at the top of the shin (where the tendon that holds the patella is anchored), move it down and screw it into the tibia. I'm also going to have my IT Band snipped to release it. Then it will be 6 weeks in a knee brace, and then 6 months until I can fully return to running.

So if I'm being quiet it will be because the only excercise I am likely to be doing is rehab for my knee.
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