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Justinsanderson  Nov 25th 2008 at 02:54
Hi there,

I'm thinking of buying a Garmin Edge 705, the one with Sat Nav... Had anyone got or used one? Do they work well in cities? Worth the money?
Does anyone know of any other makes?

Any feedback and help would be most appreciated!!

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Chig  Nov 25th 2008 at 18:43
I've been pondering one of these myself for a while. The additional maps you need are expensive, making the overall cost around £300 - quite a lot for a bike computer!! I've borrowed a Garmin 60Csx for a short while, which is more designed for walking, but also has the sat nav option. The only time I tried to use it to navigate, it couldn't find the starting road! More research required on my part, but I certainly haven't found garmin to be as ideal as its cracked up to be for navigation. If you're more interested in logging where you've been I'd suggest the much cheaper 205/305, used with Garmin's MotionBased software, which looks pretty good.
If you do get one, keep us informed. I'll probably wait until the sales before I make a decision.
Good luck
Justinsanderson  Nov 26th 2008 at 12:16
thanks Chig..

already got a 305 and couldn't live without it.... Great bit of kit... I just need the road route navigation function as well...
Do any of the hiking/outdoors gps systems do road naviagtion like a typical car Tomtom???


Making_Tracks  Feb 24th 2009 at 23:06
I have a Garmin Edge 705 - I love it,

I live a rural area and have found the mapping useful to help me pick good routes.
The Sat Nav connection is good under trees - I have a 305 too and this works well in central London where I work.
I have a cadence and distance monitor upgrade so I can use the garmin on the turbo indoors.
I like to sync both the 305 and 705 to Sport Tracks (freeware) as this gives me great anaylsis post run/bike.

Hope this helps.

PS - I had a Garmin 405 for a couple of weeks - absolutely hated it - Garmin were brilliant and happily swapped it back for a 305 for me.

Chig  Feb 25th 2009 at 00:46
Finally took the plunge and bought a 705. first impressions - fantastic! Software is pants though! Might have a look at the Sport Tracks thing. Ta
Oziem  Feb 25th 2009 at 12:02
Whats wrong with the software?

Have you tried using a powertap with it?
"Must tri harder"
tripyrenees  Feb 27th 2009 at 13:56
I just bought another 2 705 units with speed and cadence for a couple of my rental bikes. I have had mine now for about 8 months and found it very useful just for all the data on one screen which is helpful here in the mountains (I want to know why I am dying , so when I look down and see 16% I can be assured its not just because I am a fat knacker).

I am just about to get the City Nav maps which should make the mapping option a little more easier to use.

I bought the two new units due to demand from clients who don't want to get lost while on self guided rides. I woudl get more if I could afford them ;o)
Chig  Mar 27th 2009 at 15:39
Software in the unit is good, just think the PC training stuff is rubbish - much better to put all the info into Triblogs as a training diary!
I've successfully used it to navigate a route, although it does offer some random directions occasionally. Its also way out on estimated calorie consumption compared to my Suunto (at least double!).
If anyone wants to try free maps for it, you could try some open source stuff: Coverage for smaller roads is no good where I live 'up north', but it might be really good in some areas. Worth looking at if it may save you £60+
As for powertaps, I'd love to try them, but I don't have the budget. Do they work well?
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