Distance totals

Chig  Nov 28th 2008 at 11:09
This may be a really dim question:
Is it possibly to calculate monthly/annual distance, as well as time totals, ideally for each sport?
It's very geeky, but I like to know my annual mileage and time for each discipline. A calorie total wouls also be fab!!
I know I could get the calculator out, but I'm lazy!
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Oziem  Nov 29th 2008 at 10:24
Definitely will add this feature thanks
"Must tri harder"
Chig  Dec 30th 2008 at 00:12
I'm sure you're busy enjoying the holidays, but its that sad time of year to tot up the annual mileage! I've manage to create a graph, that gives it to the nearest few hundred, but something a little more sophisticated would be lovely.

Best wishes for the new year.

Oziem  Jan 8th 2009 at 15:45
This is online now
"Must tri harder"
Chig  Jan 18th 2009 at 23:59
How good is that!!!
You're a proper star, sir.
I'm sure I'm not the only closet Motty who'll make good use of this little gem.
This site gets better and better.
Many, many thanks for your continued hard work.
Can you do web-design whilst on the turbo? :P
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