Dry land exercises for swimming

TriRach  Jan 9th 2013 at 14:27
Does anyone on here follow or know of any good exercises to develop the muscles used for swimming that I can do at home or in the gym?
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peterruel  Jan 9th 2013 at 16:21
Great Question, I also have been looking at this. I found band workouts etc.. on you Tube, but nothing great.

I do lots of dips and other tricep work and I "develop" a combo excersize with dumbbells that I like and it seems to work: I lay on my back on a bench with a dumb bell in each hand and my arms stretched out over my head, so I am in a straight line. Keeping my arm straight or slightly bent, I raise them so that they are perpendicular with the rest of my body, I then bend my elbows so that the weight come to my side, then push them back to the straight line position again. The straight line is like the "catch' in swimming, raising to perpendicular is like the "pull", and dropping to the waist is like the "recovery".
TriRach  Jan 15th 2013 at 13:38
Thanks Pete, that's sounds good. Did you find any videos? If I find any myself I will post them up here.
danmct  Jan 19th 2013 at 03:44
hi guys nothing beats pull ups for swimming
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peterruel  Jan 19th 2013 at 05:08
Agree, I like the P90X program, especially the chest and back, lots of pull ups and pushups.
TriRach  Jan 30th 2013 at 17:58
I've heard of the P90X is it worth the money then?
peterruel  Jan 30th 2013 at 22:17
I think the workouts are great, it is alot for the videos though.
danmct  Jan 31st 2013 at 01:37
mate I'll do u up a circuit if you like for nothing and it'll 10 times better than the P90X stuff.
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peterruel  Jan 31st 2013 at 01:54
that would be great
TriRach  Jan 31st 2013 at 15:40
Wow! Fantastic, thanks :-)
danmct  Feb 1st 2013 at 22:37
give me a couple of days guys just flat out at moment, I'll do a little vid and send you the you tube link when I've uploaded it
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