Harshest Training Environments

RichG  Oct 3rd 2006 at 14:13
Try this for size.....

1) Smog so bad you can\'t train outside at least 30% of days

2) Daytime Temperatures not much below 30 degrees most of the summer

3) Near to the Gobi Desert so you get sandstorms and dust everywhere and the climate is VERY dry so cracked lips etc are common.

4) Swimming pools are few and far between and don\'t usually open much before 9:30am so those early morning swim sessions are out.

5) When you get into a swimming pool you can guarantee there will be about 300 other people in there, OK they have lane swimming but its not qualified and you get a mixture of speeds.

6) Hotel Pools can be used but they charge a fortune (some up to 30 quid per day but most are 6-10 quid) and then they are usuall about 15 meters

7) It takes 45 mins to ride out o fthe city on crazy bike lanes where everything has right of way apart from the people going straight on... They are also usually over run with cars and busses

8) There are some parks to run in but they\'re all flat and some you have to pay to go into (admitedly only about 12p though....) Otherwise its busy city streets...

Still, its a great city to live in and the authorities will make sure its clean forthe Olympics

Anyone with anything comparable to Beijing?

Oh I forgot - there\'s only 1 tri club for 15 million people and they train 30 miles out of the city... OK if you have your own car....

If I get fit for next year it will be a miracle....

Oh I also forgot - so far, one puncture every 78 miles....
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Oziem  Oct 4th 2006 at 14:11
Are you planning to stay out there for long?
"Must tri harder"
RichG  Oct 6th 2006 at 03:06
We\'ll see how it goes. I think you just need to be super-organised and be very flexible about your program, then training is possible. I was hoping to be out riding today but the smog is too thick.

You know when not to go out exercising here when you can see a layer of dust settling on the cars... I think staying in and smoking 20 fags would probably be better for the health today!!

Guest  Jan 5th 2007 at 13:48
I don\'t know how you do it (training there). I have been in Beijing when the sand-storms come through and it is definitely not pleasant.

After about 1-week stay in China I am always itching to get out so I can find some clean air.
RichG  Jan 6th 2007 at 00:44
Two Words....

Turbo Training!!

I probably won\'t be able to balance on a bike by the end of the winter!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the winter, its about -5 here at the moment, which actually wasn\'t too bad because its so dry. But then last weekend.... snow! In the UK snow is OK because it just melts after a day or two. I think this stuff will probably still be around until March.

On the positive side, the air is a lot better in the winter, and the word on the street is that some time this year there will be huge restrictions on building works imposed in Beijing - part of the cleaning up process for the Olympics. (a lot of the smog is caused by dust from the enormous amount of building going on here)
Guest  Jan 6th 2007 at 08:43
I\'m about to get one of those fancy TACX Fortius VR trainers with the steering option... hoping this will improve my biking.

If you want to stay efficient and balanced just get a set of rollers and train in a doorway at your home.

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