RichG  Feb 7th 2007 at 22:57
Open question....

Would it be worth putting in a motivation score, maybe in the Edit Day area. Just to record how up for it you are feeling. Maybe on a scale of

"If I see my turbo trainer today I will bathe it in petrol, set light to it and throw it through the window"

up to

" a heard of rampaging wilderbeest, ice, a blizzard, a force 10 gale and the worst electrical storm in 50 years isn't going to stop me doing the best 8 hour brick session of my life this morning"
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AndyB  Feb 8th 2007 at 10:56
An interesting thought Rich and well timed.

This morning Dave and I must have been highly motivated (11 out of 10) as we missed the stampeding Wildebeast but sat outside in a snow storm for 1 1/4 hours on our turbos as the hill session we had planned was probably not safe.

We can't quite work out whether this is dedicated or just sad?? Any thoughts or help welcome!

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Oziem  Feb 8th 2007 at 11:37
I think we might be addicts. Although like I said this morning I definitely could quit at any time, I don't need it, much...
"Must tri harder"
ROBBOBEMMO  Feb 11th 2007 at 19:25
HA HA you lot are entertaining!! Just updating my diary but I like to see what people are saying!!

I went on my turbo trainer for the 3rd time last week, and 1 hour flew by. I guess it is still a novelty!!
Oziem  Oct 11th 2008 at 15:28
You can now record your motivation levels in your diary
"Must tri harder"
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