Polar CS200

Ian Jones  Jun 20th 2007 at 11:28
Ian Jones
This is excelent - I\'m converted!!

I do have a couple of questions:
1. Are you planning to support Polar products via a soniclink?
2. Maybe you could rasie money by offering an advert free version for a small charge?
3. Is there any chance of selecting a preconfigured training plan, persummably from a coach?
4. What about a list of all Triathlons with details etc, also this could be chargable to race organisers.

In summary this is an excelent product... well done and good luck.


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AndyB  Jun 20th 2007 at 18:35
Hi Ian

Thanks for all your comments and ideas. Dave is really busy at the moment with a lot of work on so Triblogs development has slowed slightly (Everyone keeps coming up with ideas, which is great, but Dave has the great talent of putting them onto the screen!!). We will add the ideas to the list.

With a preconfigured training plan do you mean pick from a list containing for e.g. beginner sprint triathlon or intermediate half ironman? I\'ll look into it!

Please pass the triblogs message on to all your friends as the more people we can get using the system the better.

We like the to hear people are getting benefit from it.

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