Race report: 70.3 Ironman Cancun

Teppo  Oct 3rd 2007 at 17:05
Moi everyone!

Here I've got my race report from Mexico if anyone else is thinking to do it next year...

Here we go...

On a race morning I had my alarm going off at 03.30 and got room service bringing me Spagetti Carbonara and some bread. Wasn't easy to get that down but managed most of it anyway. After breakfast I took taxi to transition area and gor there just before 05.00 and saw some athletes getting sorted for the day and so did I.

Swim was quite flat like they tend to be with some wave to make it more challenging. First were elite male and female following my age group. (18-24). And off we went. Day was starting really nice sun rising with some clouds. I was trying to get out from swim asap as not being great swimmer didn't want to be drowned by other groups coming behind and trying to catch the elite groups. Well, I survived from the swim feeling good and got out of the water (33:2

Run to T1 and got ready for bike ride feeling good and enjoying the race and weather which was getting warmerall the time. (T1, 01:46)

Bike course started well and road condition was perfect. I was enjoying as much as you can and thought it's going to be a good ride. Then just after 6km my speed monitor decided to pull out from the race and I had to manage without it so I didn't have a clue how fast or how far I've gone apart from the turning points. Also that beatifull morning changed to heavy rain that lasted all day apart from few breaks but hey, at least it wasn't that hot anymore. I must say bike course was very flat and a bit boring. There were also many flat tyres as the road was a bit craggy. (Spoke one who had 4 flats). Drafting was an issue too and it was annoying when you had some one right behind you for nearly an hour. Fun experience was to get new drinks on a go. First bottle I got nearly knocked me off the road. Enjoyed the bike ride and was pleased with my time too. (2:30:33)

Got to T2 to find out my running shoes were soaking wet so there's something to take home for next race. (T2, 01:16)

Run was also very flat with few bridges and aid stations every km helped a lot. Course was two laps and there were plenty off people watching and cheering. Was also great to see paole I knew running too adn to cheer them or get cheered. Run was also very wet and at the times if felt like running in the sea. Had a good run and had to stop only once for relieving break few minutes after run. Finished the run (01:41:04) was greeted by lots of people at the finish line. (04:50:43)

Had my drinks, fruit and so on after the race and got my medal. Oh, and the reason we we nearly kill ourselves and our loved ones who has to stand in rain and wind all day, The T- shirt. Outdoor showers and finally post race massage. Had two angels doing my legs and one doing my back and arms. I would have asked them to marry me but couldn't decide which one to ask.

Next morning woke up feeling no pain and first thought was I must be paralyzed. Then I remembered tose ladies giving massage.

It was very enjoyable race and was happy with everything. Everyone was helpfull even though they didn't always understand you. So better start learning Spanish as I'm going to be there again next year.

That's all from Cancun, Mexico.

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Flan  Oct 6th 2007 at 09:55
Nice one.

Sounds like a cracking race.

morgan26  Oct 7th 2007 at 16:12
Nice one, thats a damn foat time as well!
Just one question, how does the course compaire to wimbleball?
Teppo  Oct 9th 2007 at 14:23
It was great race. Can't really compare differant races and don't know about Wimbleball. Swim was great as visibility was 100% and didn't need t wear wetsuit as water temperature was 26C. It was a bit rough but ok. Bike was very flat and only hill were junctions for other road. run was flat too with few bridges.
But then we had that heat and humidity that was something haven't seen in this country but the rain helped a bit... : )
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