easto_je  Sep 13th 2006 at 11:00
Hi all, just found this site. I used to take part (nearly said compete!) in olympic distance and sprint tri\'s, with one attempt at Ironbridge half (though I see they dont do that anymore). After a long period away, I thought at 43 I\'d return and am slowly training, dusting the bike off and swimming. Is it me or is it harder to get back into it after a long period of lethargy?
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richurc  Oct 15th 2006 at 22:11
Hi Jo,
- I\'m always \'getting back into it\' as I\'m really bad at keeping on with things and also get distracted easily t other stuff...
- What I notice though is that having a clear simple (written!) goal really helps as it makes stuff easier to do..
- I\'m also very keen on regarding the whole thing as an exercise in \'enjoyng the process\'
- Remember that it only takes a solid 5 days of effort to nearly cover the week - that could be 5 mins run, getting on the bike and changing into a swimming costum in the first week...
- Start real slow and let the increments be a blessing (oh finally I feel like I did something...) and as you increase (is it 5-10% per month thats suggested?) use something to record your progress and sucess...
- Enjoy the fun, join a club (my saving grace) and get someone to help with a routine that you can celebrate the slow changes...
- Now is the time to select a small race - make it yours - and spend a wonderful winter enjoying the delight of getting back to it...
- Sorry about the rant - check out what I have suggetsd with others before you take it - I\'m prob wrong!!!
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