Session order within a day (week view)

sorbukar  Apr 11th 2008 at 15:32
Small improvement. Could the sessions within a day be in reverse time order so that the most recent is at the top. No world shattering reason, it just goes in the same order as the days so that the thing you did most recently is right at the top. That way, it's less confusing when recording multiple sessions during a day.
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RichG  Apr 13th 2008 at 13:59
Really? That would be the wrong way around

When you were looking at it retrospectively you'd want to see what you did first that day... surely?

e.g. if you did a tri and recorded it as three session you wouldn't want to see it as run bike swim... that would just be wrong
sorbukar  Apr 17th 2008 at 10:58
I look at it as time going down the page, so most recent at the top.
Maybe my brain works weirdly :-)
RichG  Apr 19th 2008 at 07:04
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