Training Camp November 11th & 12th 2006

theeel  Oct 26th 2006 at 13:14
Dear All
Breaking news for our November 11th & 12th Camp at Croft Farm, Tewkesbury

Will Newton will be joined by \"JOE BEER\" from

\"one of the best coaches in the UK, the inaugural 220 Magazine \"Coach of the Year\" Joe Beer, who writes in 220 Triathlon Magazine, Cycling Plus and Runners World.

There are few better qualified triathlon coaches, whether its bike set-up, heart rate training, physiology or nutrition, Joe has the ability to make the camp inclusive for all standards.

Joe is once again joined by JBST Associate Coach Will Newton, who has a 9:39 Ironman to his name and is a very experienced triathlete and coach.

I am sure you will all realize, to have the added experience of Joe Beer at one of out trainingtrips weekends is a superb opportunity.

Not only does it mean that the fee of £35 is a bargain, but is also a sort of place!!

We have added an extra 10 places for the camp at the great price of £35.

For this you get:

1. a 90min coached pool swim with video analysis.

2. 2 coached bike rides

3. 2 coached run sessions

4. a 2 hour Q&A on training, planning, nutition etc

5. a 2 hour review of the \'pool\' video footage

6. optional 10 pin bowling and meal on Saturday eveining with the trainingtrips staff (Ian, Joe & Will) plus all those taking part.

THIS IS AN OPPORRTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED !! places are now available on the web

You can pay via Paypal or email me at and secure a place.

For those already on the weekend, spread the word - the 10 places will soon go !
The eel
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