wetsuits for newbies

alfredo839  May 26th 2006 at 22:39
as this is my 1st yr im only doing pool tri however as my swimming improves im going to want to do proper ones in manky lakes and rivers what is a decent wetsuit for beginners as a married bloke with kids the less spent the better ,also the thought of swimming in open water terrifies me call it an over active imagination but im goin to be thinking of crocs and all sorts (i know, im a muppet)
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PreviewAccount  May 30th 2006 at 13:56
You can\'t beat hiring one from TriUK. £25 plus postage (£10 each way) for the full season. They\'re reasonable suits, I used one last season, perfect for getting started, and you won\'t have to shell out a wasted fortune if your fear of crocs, pike and sharks gets the better of you!!! (it won\'t, just don\'t swim alone).

I now own one of their slightly better model suits, which they flog 2nd hand for around £100.

Many triathletes are obsessed with fancy kit, and tend to be moderately well off. However, you can do it on a budget. Its the body that counts more than the kit. Good luck
RichG  May 30th 2006 at 21:40
£25 a season (+ postage) seems like a great deal + if you find that you like OW swimming then you\'ll have had some experience in a wetsuit and will know what you like and what you don\'t like about the ones you\'ve hired If you came to buy one.

I love swimming in wetsuits
alfredo839  May 31st 2006 at 23:34
fair play cheers
bambamar  Nov 5th 2006 at 19:45
If you are afraid of sharks, crocs etc. a tip to half your chances of being eaten - always swim with somebody else.
morgan26  Mar 6th 2007 at 17:33
Just invested in an ex-hire wetsuit from Tri-Uk (bargain at £50).
Having never swum in one before also managed to get a trial run in their endless pool.

Thanks to Chris @ Tri-Uk for sorting me out.
dylboy  Jul 17th 2008 at 16:07
Im looking to do my 1st lake swim end of September. Ive got a cheap' ish thin summer wet suit i use for surfing. I would think that the tri suits are thinner but what other differences are there between wet suits? Any tips
Justinsanderson  Jul 30th 2008 at 12:48
As a newbie myself, BIG difference.. After spending ages swimming after my windsuf board around lakes and seas after falling off I dreaded my first go in a proper swim wetsuit... But they are AWESOME!! They seem to provide buoyancy at just the right points to keep you perfectly horizontal, but not floating around on the top like in a traditional 'surf' wetsuit. Most people seem to be faster in their wetsuit than in a pool...

To all those people renting secondhand ones... My first ever windsurf lesson I put on my rented wetsuit and was told 'If you get cold then just pee in it and you'll soon warm up'... I have never again used a rented wetsuit!!! Mine was just an entry-level one and only £100 brand new from Tri UK though!!
sexyloney  Sep 2nd 2008 at 17:19
even if you want to swim in pools swim in a trisuit/wetsuit will gain you big advances in the transition stages, ie, you only have to change your footwear!
RichG  Sep 3rd 2008 at 09:19
If only I could do races where wetsuits were allowed.....

sexyloney  Sep 3rd 2008 at 18:32
tri suit sorry.......
DenielHop  Apr 7th 2009 at 10:45
You are very right about you
sarahleonard  Aug 29th 2012 at 19:27
this site looks like it might be useful for those US based http://wetsuitoutlet.com/
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