Yet another newbie!

AndyChud  May 30th 2008 at 21:52
Hi, my name is Andy and, as you guessed, I am new to traithlons! I apologise in advance if you are already bored by people constantly asking the same things, but I have my very first triathlon coming up and was hoping for some advice from more experienced tri-athletes. It is only a mini-tirathlon(250m swim, 14km bike, 2.5km run) but it is a youth race(I'm 16 years old).
I did my first training the other day and found the swim incredibly difficult as i felt chlostrophobic in the cold, murky water! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Andy
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bisceeezy  Jun 3rd 2008 at 23:23
Hey Andy,

The more time you can spend in that 'cold, murky water' before race day, the better. I'm told a cold shower routine can also help conditioning in the early days. Less suprise = more relaxed = fun and games all the way round!

Spend some time just bobbing about in the water before you head off for your training swim (and race infact), also. This really helps your body acclimatize - again, reducing the shock which i imagine is the basis of your claustrophobia. If you can let a bit of water into the suit by pulling the neck, briefly, this will help it settle into place - Bloody cold but once it's done, it's done, and you'll have a much comfier ride as a result.

Best of luck with your event - i've no doubt it'll be the first of many!

Life should be Bisceeezy
gpw66  Jun 4th 2008 at 14:57
Hi Andy

Like you I am pretty new to the world of triathlon and also found the first couple of times in open water a bit weird. A couple of things I didn't know but that have certainly helped:

1. Sighting is vital, so making sure you get used to forward breathing which can help enormously, especially if you can do it in a routine/planned way e.g. every x number of normal breaths

2. Breathe every 2 strokes NOT bilateral breathing (every 3 strokes like you do in a pool)

3. Add some de-mister to your goggles which will stop them fogging up and help prevent the feeling that you can't see anything even with your head out of the water !!

Just some thoughts - they work for me and although I am not very experienced they have made that part of the event less daunting. Good Luck.

AndyChud  Jun 21st 2008 at 11:18
I completed my first triathlon yesterday! Although it was only a sprint distance, it still almost killed me :-) I was quite impressed when I finished in first place in my age group (under 17's). What was also great was that my school won the fastest schools trophy too!(It was a school competition).
Well thanks for all the advice you gave really helped.
RichG  Jun 22nd 2008 at 03:52
Nice Work Andy!!

First in your first race! excellent stuff. Keep up the good work and race again soon.
bisceeezy  Jul 4th 2008 at 18:42
1st spot? - top job, sir!!
Life should be Bisceeezy
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